The Best FIFA 19 Forwards That can Help you win

The FIFA series for PC and Gaming Console is one of the best with realistic gameplay and simulation. The players in this series are from real life, and you can find the top-notch players in it. If you love FIFA series then the latest installment FIFA 19 is ready to make your game and help with the faster progression. If you want coins for FIFA 19 do check our homepage.

There are forwards, defenders, Goalkeeper and lot more player from the real life and they have stats given on their official page of the website, or you can find it after the launch of the game. If you are always focused before the launch and ensure that you get the best player, then this guide is definitely going to help you out.

The below given are top Best FIFA 19 Forwards that you can get without a single issue. You have to earn in-game currencies and buy them.

  1. Ronaldo Luís Nazário De Lima

Ronaldo is the most popular football player that has the overall rating of 96. This striker is also a good player in the forward, and he can help you take the ball to the goal without anyone laying feet on it. The pace, dribbling, shooting, passing, and physicality of Ronaldo are 97, 95, 95, 81 and 76. However, if you are willing to get a great defending ability, then you can’t rely on that. But, the defending skills are somewhat better from other players.

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  1. Edson Arantes Nascimento

Edson is lagging behind from Ronaldo by a single point. You get the rating of 95, and you can get pace, Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, and physicality of 96, 95, 93, 90 and 75. The defense abilities aren’t high as you think about but you still get the defense rating of 56. You will get the finest shot and better passing ability which will help take over the opponent and progress faster in the game. It is completely easy and highly reliable option to go for.

  1. Thierry Henry

Henry is well known because of beating the defense line effectively, and you can get the finest shot with better flair and dribbling. The Pace, Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, and physicality are 94, 90, 91, 83, and 80, which are quite good and satisfying. You can get this player and find that the overall rating is 93 because of low defense. However, you can still try out Thierry Henry and rely on it without a single issue. You have to spend 112,000 coins as a minimum to lay a hand on this player.

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Bottom Line

If you want to progress well and want to get the best FIFA 19 forwards, then you can try out these three. The overall rating is good, and you get a better pace as well as other abilities. Make sure that you stay selective in approach and focus on getting the best players. In term of defense, you have to choose different players. A balance of defensive, forwards and other players can help coming up with the best team.

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